SUITSUIT continues to innovate! The pace of life is getting faster and faster, deadlines are tighter and tighter. Some people see this as problematic. SUITSUIT on the other hand sees new opportunities!

Proudly we show you our Stickercase. A suitcase with the SUITSUIT quality our customers expect, with a minimum order quantity of only 10 pieces and a delivery time of just 10 working days! The cases are provided with a hight quality sticker, developed for heavy usage. The sticker is full color printed, size 280 mm by 390 mm and available in a satin or gloss finish proudly displaying your company logo, product introduction or any other desired design.


Stickercases are specially designed so that the sticker fits in a recess on the front panel. The suitcases come in five colours: black, white, blue, red and orange.



-    20" SUITSUIT quality case

-    Full-colour printed

-    Gloss or satin finished sticker

-    Lead time of 10 days only

-    MOQ of just 10 pieces

-    Suitcase available in five different colors: black, white, -    red, blue and orange



The sticker used for the Stickercase is made of casted vinyl with an

extra laminate layer for protection against UV damage and for heavy usage. We use a permanent glue that is tested extensively for usage

with an ABS/PC underground. There will be practically no distortion of the original design during the printing process.

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